Last Dance

Download Last Dance

Last Dance is a multiplayer map for Unreal Tournament 3 based on the original DM-17 map for Quake 3. Last Dance takes place in a rooftop disco club on top of a skyscraper that overlooks a futuristic cityscape, and everything about this map (from the frenetic gameplay to the disco floors) is meant to reinforce this funky mood.

Create a humorous map that captures the essence of disco in both its look and play style
Utilize kismet and 3ds Max to add unique, custom elements to the map
Create an environment that looks beautiful and feels alive

Selected for public display on the Guildhall Wall of Fame
4 Unique areas (lower disco floor, upper disco floor, electric garden, and cityscape)
3 Extensive kismet sequences (time-based color-changing disco floor, movement-based color-changing disco floor, and disco ball that rotates, lights up, and shoots rockets in time with alternating disco songs)
1 Unique imported disco ball model (complete with diffuse, bump, specular, and emissive)
15 Custom textures

Design Process
Coming soon!  Until then, feast on these seizure-inducing screenshots of psychedelic color:

View of the lower dance floor, the upper dance floor, the electric gardens, and the disco ball.

The deadly disco ball looks deceptively peaceful in front of the busy cityscape.

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