Gojira’s Revenge

Gojira’s Revenge is a single-player level mod created with the G.E.C.K. for Fallout: New Vegas. Gojira’s Revenge is a spoof of the popular Godzilla franchise, and it takes place at a secret laboratory that conducted nuclear experiments in a desert oasis, experiments that ultimately led to the formation of a giant lizard monster.

Create an action-oriented level in the vein of classic monster B-movies
Craft a humorous, engaging, and enjoyable experience for the player
Make an organic, Japanese-themed level using only existing Fallout: New Vegas assets

One main quest and one side quest (making for a 20-45 minute gameplay experience)
Four distinct locations (the outdoor lab facility, the admin building, the lab, and the reactor room)
Four unique NPCs (each with branching dialogue options)
Seven custom scripts to create unique gameplay
Seven unique creatures (each with new statistics, behaviors, and projectiles)

Download Gojira’s Revenge (Requires Fallout: New Vegas)

Design Process
Coming soon!  Until then, tremble at the glory and majesty of these mighty Gojira screenshots:

The irradiated Gojira destroys the once beautiful facility.

A smaller creature lurks in one of the observation rooms in the facility interior.

Players ultimately battle Gojira after finding an experimental weapon called the Oxygen Destroyer in the lab.

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