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Polaris Postmortem

The Project
Polaris is an emotional 2D platforming experience where players take on the role of Arcas, the great bear of the night sky, and traverse the universe in a quest to relight the constellations and save Polaris, the baby bear. A team of four students created Polaris as part of a graduate course at the Guildhall at SMU; the team created the game in eight weeks using Torque 2D.

My Responsibilities

  • Manage and schedule a team of four (two artists, one programmer, one designer) to ensure an on-time release
  • Design and implement two full levels, maintain unified game vision among team members, write all script and dialogue, and secure rights to licensed music
  • Act as scrum master for daily agile development meetings
  • Create and maintain game documentation

The Results

  • Peer selection for the Guildhall’s public exhibition
  • Faculty selection for private exhibition and faculty Guild review
  • A happy, unique group culture that resulted in perfect peer evaluation scores and allowed for the successful integration of an additional team member midway through production
  • Two complete levels: a tutorial and an advanced platforming level

Trailer for Polaris

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